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Hail Dent Removal and Quotation Process

Hail Dent Removal is a very delicate and critical part of taking car of your vehicle. Of course, we know that our vehicle is second most important asset after our home. Having been in the paintless dent removal industry since 2006, quality workmanship is paramount and this is what we do! We provide very simplified and flexible quotations that best suite your needs.

So what is involved in a quotation?

First and foremost, provide for us information on

  • what type of dents be it hail or car park dents
  • just a brief description of how many dents you think there are
  • how large the dents are compared to coins 5 to 10c or 20 or 50c coin size or larger
  • where the dents are located bonnets, roofs, boot, doors etc
  • if windows have been cracked or broken (this point most likely constitutes an insurance claim)
  • the colour, make and general style of the vehicle (eg white Mazda 3 – 5 door 2013 model)

Can we do quotes over the phone?

Ok this gets asked a lot. Although pictures can provide information roughly about how bad the damage is, there is no substitute for completing a quotation under lights. And we will show exactly where the dents are by pointing even the most minor dents out. Then really it is your decision as to what you wish repaired and how soon.

So yes definitely send pictures in but there is no way to be absolutely certain of the final outcome in terms of quotation. We can provide a rough figure BUT NOT an official quotation price until we come one site (or you come to us in exceptional circumstances). We may also NOT accept the vehicle as a viable repair – perhaps to badly damaged or if it requires insurance quotation and you require to go to a preferred repairer.

Are you guys mobile?

Yes our quotations in the major centres of capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne we come to check the vehicle. In some instances we may meet you in a disclosed location to check the vehicle. The location is generally something you negotiate with our PDR technicians.

Do you do insurance claims?

Most of our work simply based on customers we face are those seeking to repair their vehicle under their excess. This of course does not mean we cannot repair the vehicle with an insurance claim. However, insurance claims require being approved by the insurance company themselves and they often forward you on to their preferred repairers contracted to them. It is your choice of course – we can do such claims and after all the assessors do check the final outcome anyway.

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