Hail Dent Removal

Hail Dent Removal

Hail Dent Removal tap down process.

Hail Dent Removal is a very interesting process where PDR technicians use PDR tools to remove dents from panels. There are very experienced PDR technicians that have developed significant accuracy and speed to be able to remove hail dents of various sized and depth from panels damages during hailstorms.

In choosing the correct company to repair your vehicle, look for a reputable licensed vehicle repairer with a proven track record. The minimum experience for someone to have the ability to repair hail damaged vehicles is typically 5 years.

We have developed a network of trusted PDR technicians with focus on quality and reliability. We answer your call and direct you in minutes. Often the websites of our competitors are misleading the true work ethics charging prices which are inconsistent.

Our pdr technicians stick to the a specific structure – pricing on difficulty, time and depth of dents not just picking a price based on how busy we are.

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